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    “Even if you are starting from scratch, we’ll help you materialize your vision.”

    E N Prasad Reddy

    founder of company


    Design Services

    ● Residential & Multifamily design

    We help you build exquisite residential and multi-family house plans.

    ● Commercial

    Our consultants will help you create captivating commercial office designs

    ● Industrial

    We create functionally and visually pleasing industrial interior designs.

    ● Home Addition
    & Remodel

    Our team is passionate about reinventing and remodeling homes.

    ● ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)

    We will help you design and construct the most aesthetic ADU plans.

    ● Seismic

    Reinforce your property to protect it from major damage caused by earthquakes and more.

    ● Solar Feasibility

    Reinforce your property to protect it from major damage caused by earthquakes and more.

    ● Construction

    Reinforce your property to protect it from major damage caused by earthquakes and more.

    ● Virtual

    Speak to industry experts to find the right structural design solutions for you.


    Detailing Services

    Our designs are unique and include the finest structural steel detailing services to give you the most sturdy constructions.

    Structural Steel

    We help you build the strongest pre-engineered metal constructions that stand out in the best possible way.

    Pre Engineered Metal

    Our team specializes in creating the most intricate steel detailings for storage, stairs, and other interior design components.

    Rack, Stairs & Misc
    Steel Detailing

    Premium Structural Engineering Services At Competitive Prices.

    Client Focus

    At Erusu Consultants, we have a laser-sharp focus on the needs of our clients and ensure that we give them the best structural design solutions personalized to their requirements.


    With some of the most remarkable industry experts on board, you can expect your project to be handled with absolute professionalism & lightning-fast project delivery.

    Multi Experience

    At Erusu Consultants, you get a wide range of structural engineering design and detailing services all under one roof, for commercial, residential and industrial properties.

    Exceptional Designs

    We specialize in creating instantly captivating, uniquely distinctive, and innovatively functional designs for all types of properties and spaces at the most competitive prices.


    Our Working Process

    • 01
      Understand Requirements & Brainstorm
    • 02
      Creating a Concept
    • 03
      Collaborate and Coordinate
    • 04
      Value Engineering
    • 05
      Deliver and Support
    Internalizing your project requirements and exchanging ideas.
    Every stunning project begins with a unique and ambitious concept.
    Streamlining processes by working directly with our engineers, contractors, vendors, and you.
    Designing the most spectacular structural solutions at the most optimized prices.
    See your dream project materialize into exactly what you envisioned.


    “I chose Erusu Consultants for their wide range of structural design services and stayed for their transparency and simplicity of communication. What I appreciated the most was their understanding of exactly what I needed and their streamlined means of execution. Highly recommended.”
    Ryan Clark
    Client of Company
    “These guys are the most professional bunch of structural designing experts I have ever worked with. They developed a complete plan for my property from scratch without any lags or delays in project delivery. They are truly excellent at what do. From start to finish, it was a pleasure to work with Erusu Consultants.”
    M. Alex
    Client of Company
    “I am happy to have finally worked with one of the most professional teams in the architecture and construction industry. Our whole project was so well managed, with detailed communication and some of the most amazing Structural design solutions. They really did transform our property’s space the way we had envisioned it.”
    C. Mathew
    Client of Company
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