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    Pre-Engineered Metal Building

    Designing Stunning Structural Detailing For Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

    At Erusu Consultants we specialize in designing complex pre-engineered metal building structures. Such types of buildings are often used for industrial and small manufacturing buildings, small retail and commercial office buildings, warehouses, and storage units.  Pre-engineered metal buildings open the door to incredible innovation, by being the building components that are primarily manufactured at a factory and then assembled directly on site. They are most often used as creative alternatives to conventional structural steel buildings.

    The Best Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Design Detailing Service in North America

    Our structural design experts create plans and schematics based on your project requirements. Then, based on the exact size, the structural components of these pre-engineered metal buildings are fabricated at the factory, carefully transported to the construction site, and eventually assembled there, usually with bolted connections.

    Expanding Creative Boundaries With Pre-Engineered Metal Building Designs

    Our Pre-engineered Metal Building detailing services include construction foundations and everything associated with reinforced concrete processes, equipment foundation design, pit design, industrial floor design, and more. We also help in creating innovative foundation designs for new expansions, and special conditions, such as heavy crane load combinations, load surcharges, wind uplift, and poor soil.

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