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We Create Stunning Spaces

At Erusu Consultants we offer the Most Innovative and Ambitious Structural Design Solutions

Lightening-fast Project Development

With certified high-class specialists on board, quick project turnovers are a given.

Aesthetically Impressive Designs

What we do best is create the most visually spectacular design solutions for you.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our consultants design structural layouts tailor-made to your project specifications.

[ Who We Are ]

A Progressive Structural Design Studio with Transformative Concepts & Ideas

At Erusu Consultants, we focus on building impactful structural designs. By internalizing your project specifications, our team of exceptionally-skilled Project Managers, and Engineers, create the most unique, and architecturally appealing spaces that speak to your spatial senses.

Even if you are just beginning from scratch, our team of professionals will help you to materialize your dream space. With a critically acclaimed structural design firm such as Erusu Consultants by your side, you can expect excellence and professionalism at every step of the way. Our services are prompt, cost-effective, and involve intricate detailing along with the use of long-lasting high-quality materials.


At Erusu Consultants, we offer a plethora of services such as Home Addition & Remodel, Soft-Story Retrofit, ADU, Seismic Retrofit, Load Bearing Wall Removal, Retaining Wall. Alongside these essential pillars, we also focus on providing top-notch services like Structural Engineering, Construction Administration, Virtual Consultations, Solar Feasibility Study, & Solar Panel Rooftop Addition.







Our Approach To Transforming Spaces

  • To help people build their dream homes.
  • Provide our clients with the best, most cost-effective, and technically sound, structural design solutions.
  • Help maintain lasting relationships with our clients through mutual respect and trust.
  • Deliver exceptional, prompt, and innovative designs.
  • To be the ultimate name in structural engineering design services in North America.
  • Continue being client-focused on our working process.
  • Forming a collective team with all our stakeholders on each project.
  • Build lasting bonds with each client, contractor, manufacturer, and vendor through each collaboration.
  • Constructing distinctive, spatially stunning structural designs.
  • Materializing your passion project.
  • Tapping into the requirements of building well-constructed structures.
  • Employing unique styles and designs that speak to your