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Solar Feasibility Study

Helping You Determine Your Property’s Prospect For Sustainable Solar Energy

Clean energy is the way to go if we are to secure a sustainable future for the planet. This means using naturally occurring renewable resources that are available. Solar energy is one of the most popular and sought-after sources of sustainable and renewable energy resources. Therefore, many organizations, companies, housing societies, industries, and homeowners are choosing solar panels to go the green clean energy way. Erusu Consultants helps you determine whether your property is ready for such a transformation.

Detailed Solar Feasibility Services in California

The solar feasibility study conducted by our engineers is extensive and done with the intention that you receive the best possible sustainable energy solution for your property. It estimates whether the structure is both, technically and financially appropriate for a solar energy system installation. With this report, they can conclude what type of solar would be compatible with your property.

Helping you build sustainable homes

Solar energy panels are an incredibly smart step towards a sustainable future. Rather than using exhaustible energy resources such as fuels, natural gases, etc., solar energy is an inexhaustible resource that several people are now tapping into. Our engineers, therefore, evaluate your property by conducting a detailed solar feasibility study. It is the first step toward transitioning to solar energy. It involves the inspection of several significant aspects of your potential solar energy site.

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