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Seismic Retrofit Services

Reinforcing Structural Stability Against Unexpected Ground Motions and Other Major Calamities

Natural calamities such as earthquakes occur unexpectedly. In locations where such seismic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other destructive external forces of nature are common, it becomes imperative that the homes, buildings, and complexes erected have appropriate seismic retrofitting done. At Erusu Consultants, our structural design engineers help you modify your home or building’s structure to avoid major damages due to such occurrences.

Thorough Seismic Retrofitting Services in California

Keeping your building’s structure protected in areas where ground movement, loose soil, tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes are common, is extremely essential. Our engineers at Erusu Consultants help you do this through thorough detailing and adding all the necessary reinforcement to sustain seismic safety. These important seismic retrofitting services carried out by our structural engineering specialists ensure the safety of the buildings from external forces that would otherwise cause major damage to the property.

Physically Securing Your Property From Seismic Damage

While seismic reinforcements can be made while a structure is being built from scratch, the process of seismic retrofitting works out extremely well for existing properties. Seismic retrofitting essentially involves upgrading certain building systems to make them resistant to seismic activity. This technique is especially important to ensure the safety of not just the building and its functionality, but also its inhabitants, or its machinery and inventory. It is highly recommended not just for homes, but also for hospitals, industrial complexes, offices, and more.

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