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Neo Concrete

Neo Concrete: Applications and advantages

NeoConcrete is a building material that produces a continuous coating of 0.4 cm thickness
that resembles terrazzo or granite finish on walls, floors, and exteriors. It is a mixture of
cement, decorative aggregate, and resin.

The most common application of NeoConcrete is as a polished, extremely resistant flooring
material. This makes it suitable for retail centres, hotels, and other hospitality venues with
heavy foot traffic.
Concrete Mixing Ratio
By volume, the PieDrex ratio is 12 quartzes to 1 Resifan E.
Micro concrete: 3 Cement, 1 Liquid

Applications of NeoConcrete
 Coating both indoor and outdoor floors and countertops.
 Commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, banks, airports, bus terminals,
government, or public administration buildings, etc.

How to Prepare Surfaces before Applying NeoConcrete?
 The surface should be strong, free from moisture and cracks.
 Rising or negative humidity of the surface is not acceptable.
 NeoConcrete can be applied on various surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, or
 Applicable on smoothened concrete, cement, and ceramic coverings


  1. It can be used as a replacement for tile or granite floors.
  2. NeoConcrete is a good choice for under-floor heating.
  3. It is a good alternative to micro cement because of its high slip resistance.
  4. High mechanical resistance.
  5. Suitable for high traffic.
  6. If the floor area is large, NeoConcrete can provide the appearance of a continuous
  7. It resists ultraviolet rays.
  8. It provides a great slip-resistant surface.

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